About Us

Factory’s background:
taba sanat company started its activities in 1358, by manufacturing a variety of nuts machineries from the beginning we start with a firm belief in quality principle and innovation alongside. and after years of providing new and diverse products besides our other products we started to become known as one of the biggest manufacturer in this field.

Our goals:
Taba sanat company with trust to god,and its specialized personnel and technical engineers,with more than 30 yaers of experience in the field of manufacturing nuts machineries with the intention of satisfaction and happiness of its domestic and foreign customers,choses quality management for increase in productivity and customers satisfaction,and declares its policy az follows.

increase in production
increase in product’s quality
reduce in production time and reduce in the time of product’s delivery to customers
increase in our personnel’s capacity and expertise through necessary education and experience
increase in productivity of resources(time,location,manpower,raw material)

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